Benedict Nii Laryeafio: UPSA IMC members should stop carrying themselves as elected SRC executives

Benedict Nii Laryeafio: UPSA IMC members should stop carrying themselves as elected SRC executives

As a concerned UPSA Law student, I humbly wish to share my thought on an act by the current Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Students’ Representative Council at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, which may constitute illegality. This act manifested itself when the IMC Chairman, Prince Wade and the IMC Secretary, Gifty Asantewaa in a communique issued addressed themselves as Agt. SRC President and Agt. SRC Secretary instead of IMC Chairman and IMC Secretary respectively.

On the 27th of July 2020, the Management of UPSA appointed the above named persons together with three other persons to constitute an Interim Management Committee to manage the affairs of the SRC until substantive executives are elected.

It is worth mentioning that the Very instrument that established the IMC gave the members their respective designations.
I shall only limit myself to these two portfolios —

  1. Chairman – Mr Nartey Prince Wade
  2. Secretary – Miss Asante Gifty

From the above, it is my candid opinion that the said leaders are not content with the designation given to them by their appointor and as such have arrogated to themselves designations that are not in existence specifically “Acting President of the UPSA SRC (Nartey Prince Wade)” and “Acting Secretary of the UPSA SRC”. In brief, without mincing words, there’s is a recognized body called UPSA SRC, but we only have an IMC of the UPSA SRC.

Again, It defies logic and good conscience for the above-named persons to go against the very instrument that established the IMC and brought them into existence.

I would, however, recommend the following:

  1. With immediate effect the IMC should desist from using the SRC in any communique they issue to the student body.
  2. To organize a forum via zoom or any other medium to bring the student populace up to speed with all the activities of the IMC.
  3. Within the shortest possible time organize an election as stated in the instrument of appointment. A refusal to do this will be a dent on the leadership of the IMC itself and the entire management of the school subject to the instrument that established them.
  4. The absence of elections has the tendency to destroy the legitimate expectation of students appointing their substantive SRC Executives and also shutting the door to all final year students who are interested in contesting for elections in the 2021/22 academic year.

I believe the IMC will take heed and do the needful for the greatest interest of the UPSA Student community.

God bless UPSA!

Benedict Nii Laryeafio
UPSA Law Student


One thought on “Benedict Nii Laryeafio: UPSA IMC members should stop carrying themselves as elected SRC executives

  1. To add to to the argument of this learned student, the IMC itself has no form of lawful backing. There was no form of Legislative instrument or any part of provisions in the constitution that posits their formation and they must within the shortest possible time conduct elections as per their appointment letter.

    For the purposes of doubt, they students of our noble institution will cease to recognize them after the two months as per their unconstitutional appointment.

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