Editorial: NDC suspension of Koku Anyidoho long overdue

Editorial: NDC suspension of Koku Anyidoho long overdue

The suspension of Koku Anyidoho rather came as a surprise to many, especially party supporters. Many thought the party was either scared of cracking the whip, wasn’t bold enough or simply indifferent to the unruliness and horrible invectives the former Deputy General Secretary of the party has been spewing on his own party.

I was the first to recommend the suspension of Koku Anyidoho in my Editorial on 23rd June 2019. I requested the party in that Editorial to not only suspend Koko Anyidoho but include now late former President Jerry John Rawlings (who has been spared that disciplinary action by nature).

Party indiscipline and indiscipline in general in our everyday life must not be countenanced at all if we want to see progress in our democracy and our national life.

Discipline is one of the foundation blocks of development and progress. Koku Anyidoho is not the first, and will not be the last to undergo disciplinary procedures in the NDC or any other organisation or political party in Ghana. In a cursory recollection, the action against Koku Anyidoho is reminiscent of Dr Josiah Aryeh, former General Secretary of the NDC; Isaac Kofi Iddie Adams, former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC and now Member of Parliament of Buem Constituency on the ticket of the NDC, Sammy Crabbe, Paul Awintemi Afoko, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong and Dr Ives Charles Kwabena Wereko-Brobbey, all also of the NPP.

A suspended member is expected to go through reformation, reflection and self-introspection to become a better party member, better politician and a better Ghanain at large! Like the good book says in Proverbs, ”spare the rod, and spoil the child,” today, Honorable Isaac Kofi Iddie Adams is a member of Parliament in the NDC after subjecting himself to disciplinary procedures in the party.

Mr Kwabena Agyei Agyapong of the NPP in spite of serving suspension campaigned for his party in the just-ended 2020 December elections as a way of showing a remorseful gesture to his party and has subsequently written to his party for clemency upon his remorse. This is the way to go! Political Parties must eschew and shun political sycophants, opportunists, bootlickers and praise singers who leave their parties to throw dirt at them when in opposition. That is disloyalty and Political infidelity!

Political parties must also activate their internal disciplinary procedures quick enough to avoid doing a lot of damage control, and also avoid the proverbial act of closing the stables and chasing after the horses after they have bolted. Koku Anyidoho’s suspension from the NDC is welcoming and refreshing news, only that it has been too long past time incoming!


Managing Editor, UPSA NEWSROOM.

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