Education important but secondary to life – Psychologist cautions over Covid-19

Education important but secondary to life – Psychologist cautions over Covid-19

With barely two weeks since schools reopened across Ghana, a renowned Psychologist with the University of Ghana, Dr. Anabella Osei-Tutu is advising parents and school heads to prioritise the safety and psychological needs of their children at this time of the global pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with‘s Boamah Venessa Oduma on Monday, the lecturer said that although education is important, it is secondary to life.

Education is important, but it’s secondary to life,” she told the reporter.

The Psychologist said some children need to be talked to in order to address problems they are going through especially during this time since they may not open up.

“For children especially, they may not be able to verbalize, that is, they would not be able to talk about their anxieties in adult terms but they are nonetheless anxious so we need to talk to them,” she said.

According to Dr Osei-Tutu, there is a need for some level of transparency between parents and school management especially when they suspect cases of infection among their students.

She has advised school management to make known to parents when the Covid-19 protocols are violated by their children.

“This is the time we all need to be very patient with one another be open in communicating across the world and allowing ourselves to respond to this crisis, the interesting thing about this pandemic is that it keeps changing phases so we have to be proactive and change along with it and if we sense that some protocols have been violated and our children are at risk, we shouldn’t keep going because life is precious, what would we gain if I get all the degrees and tomorrow I am gone because I got exposed so we have to be balanced, prioritizing life”, she added.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the economic, health and education sectors throughout the world, forcing many countries to impose a curfew on movements of citizens.

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