Victor Smith: Rawlings was a political enigma

Victor Smith: Rawlings was a political enigma

Our late President was a political enigma. He was liked and disliked by many people for different reasons.

He was understood by some and misunderstood by others.
His temper flared up at times but quick to cool down. He exhibited an interesting sense of humour.

A very likeable person if you had the opportunity to get close to him enough, to appreciate his commitment to social justice and his desire to see others prosper and to live a life of decency.

JJ was a very strong personality, very courageous and with conviction on the principles for which he launched the 31st Dec revolution. He took great risks in bringing about the revolution and sustaining it for over 10 years.

He had some close encounters with ‘death’ at different times during his adult life until he retired from the high office of head of state.

He had mood swings and was predictable at times.

He gives and He takes away. May the good Lord absolve him of all his trespasses.

His part in the political history of this nation cannot be erased, EVER; it doesn’t matter how anyone looks at it.

Fare thee well, Chief,

Rest In Peace , JJ

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