Supreme Court dismisses Mahama’s application questioning EC

Supreme Court dismisses Mahama’s application questioning EC

The Supreme Court of Ghana has dismissed an application filed by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 Presidential Candidate questioning the Electoral Commission to admit there were some errors in the Presidential results she declared.

In an overwhelming decision Tuesday, the seven-member panel hearing the Election Petition dismissed the interrogatories filed by John Mahama.

Interrogatories in law (also known as requests for further information) are a formal set of written questions by one litigant which require answers from a respondent or defendant.

In his interrogatories filed with the Supreme Court, Mr Mahama wants the EC Chairperson to admit that she made errors during the declaration of the presidential results.

He further wanted the EC boss to admit that the figures and percentages she announced when collated will come to 100.3% instead of 100%.

Mr Mahama also wanted EC Chairperson to admit that the subsequent correction of the presidential results is significantly different from what the candidates obtained as contained in the summary of results sheets published by the Commission.

But the apex court in a unanimous ruling has dismissed the application by the petitioner, setting the stage for the trial of the matter.

A member of the legal team of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the 2nd Respondent, has lauded the court for its decision which he said will ensure an expeditious hearing of the substantive matter.

Frank Davies said the posturing of the NDC legal team shows they want to drag on the matter, a claim that has been dismissed by Dominic Ayine, one of the lawyers for the Petitioner.

Speaking to after the court handed the decision, Mr Ayine said they have requested for an official copy of the ruling of the Supreme Court on the application which will inform their next action.

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