Siegfred writes: Mahama gives hope to all aspiring lawyers

Siegfred writes: Mahama gives hope to all aspiring lawyers

Mr Mahama promised to create a Youth Development Ministry when elected in December

A few months ago, I read of how Theophilus Edwin Coleman, a First-class law graduate who was denied the chance of becoming a lawyer by the unfair, unjust and irrational legal education regime has gone on to obtain a Doctor of Law from the Hague Academy of International Law in The Netherlands.

I felt so proud of him for having defied the odds to achieve such a remarkable feat, but I wondered how many young people like Theophilus have had to abandon their dreams and aspirations of becoming lawyers due to the unfair, unjust and irrational legal education regime.

Although the constitution is clear on what the qualifications for professional legal education are, the powers that be have decided for whatever reason to restrict access to professional legal education.

Each year they find very absurd justifications to deny Tens of thousands of qualified young Ghanaians the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming lawyers.

What I still cannot fathom is how the managers of the state will be so cruel to the dreams and aspirations of their young people, and will go all length to see those dreams buried.

For many of us who have often wondered if we would ever realize our dreams of a career in law due to the unfair, unjust and irrational legal education regime, there’s HOPE in the horizon.

The Visionary President *John Dramani Mahama* and *Professor Jane Naana Opoku Aygemang* have made the most remarkable policy proposal on legal education reform in their #Peoples_Manifesto.

They propose that beginning from the 2021 academic year, they will break the monopoly of the Ghana School of Law and accredit law faculties across the country to run the professional legal education.

All they require is for us to give them our mandate in tomorrow’s election. Tomorrow’s election is a date with destiny.

To pick up our dreams that have hanged in the balance for many years, or to have this golden opportunity slip through our fingers.

*John Dramani Mahama* is number two (2)✌️ on the ballot paper……

My name is *Siege Sorkpor*.

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