Revealed: Threats over Amidu’s Agyapa probe cause of resignation

Revealed: Threats over Amidu’s Agyapa probe cause of resignation

President Nana Akufo-Addo with Martin Amidu hours after his appointment

Anti-corruption crusader, Martin Amidu has revealed why he resigned from his post as the first Special Prosecutor of Ghana.

In a two-page letter addressed to the President, Mr Amidu said he was pushed to resign because of the “threats” he received after his work on the controversial Agyapa Royalties deal spearheaded by Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Attah.

“The events of 12th November 2020 removed the only protection I had from the threats and plans directed at me for undertaking the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions anti-corruption assessment report and dictates that I resign as the Special Prosecutor immediately,” he wrote.

Mr Amidu tendered in his resignation letter on Monday, November 16, 2020 with barely 23 days to the December General Elections.


The anti-corruption has revealed the “traumatic experience” that he went through in the hands of government appointees compelled him to resign from his position.

In a letter to Parliament after investigating the Agyapa deal described as “shady” by political opponents and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Mr Amidu advised the reconsideration of the deal since it was not in the interest of Ghana.

“I write in pursuant to Sections 2(1) c, 29 and 73 of Act 959 and Regulation 31 (1) and (2) of L. I. 2374 mandates the Office to exercise the functions and powers of the prevention of corruption, to request you to provide this office with information and all documents related to and/or in connection with the approval given by parliament to the Agyapa Royalty Transaction to assist this office to execute its prevention of corruption object,” the letter from the Special Prosecutor to Parliament read.

However, it appears the first major work of Mr Amidu courted the displeasure of the government leading to threats on his life, a development that left him traumatised.

“I should not ordinarily be announcing my resignation to the public myself but the traumatic experience I went through from 20th October 2020 to 2nd November 2020 when I conveyed in a thirteen (13) page letter the conclusions and observations on the analysis of the risk of corruption and anti-corruption assessment on the Report On Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions and Other Matters Related Thereto to the President as Chairman of the National Security Council cautions against not bringing my resignation as the Special Prosecutor with immediate to the notice of the Ghanaian public and the world,” Mr Amidu said.

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