Union of Law Students credits Kwaku Azar, students with 33% pass rate

Union of Law Students credits Kwaku Azar, students with 33% pass rate

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The Union of Law Students, Ghana (ULSG) has credited the 33% pass rate at this year’s Makola entrance exam to Professor Kwaku Asare and hundreds of students that protested last year.

In a statement Tuesday, the Union said the tireless advocacy work of Professor Kwaku Asare and the sacrifice of students led to the present pass rate.

“The Union commends Professor Kwaku Asare (Kwaku Azar) for his consistent advocacy works for a free and fair system at the Ghana School of Law and students who marched on our streets in their numbers last year to call for a clean admission system,” the statement read.

A provisional results released by the Independent Examination Committee of the General Legal Council (GLC) has revealed a total of 1,045 out of 2,720 candidates that sat for the entrance exams passed.

This represents a sharp increase from the previous year where out of the total 1,820 students who took the exams a disappointing 128 candidates passed.

Despite the backlog of LL.B holders who are yearning to enter into the Ghana School of Law, the Union has expressed a slight satisfaction in this year’s pass rate.

“Although this does not represent what the leadership and people of the Union want which is a complete easing of any man-made obstacles to admission, it is our position that the 33% pass rate is commendable,” the Union of Law Students, Ghana said.

Read the full statement below:

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