UPSA SRC Veep, Deputy GA speaker implicated in scandal report

UPSA SRC Veep, Deputy GA speaker implicated in scandal report

[L-R] Nathaniel Jill Addo Junior and Simeon Mede

The Vice President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra has been implicated alongside the Welfare Committee Chairman in a report on the school fees scandal.

In its 6-page report currently before the school management, the Oheneba Nana Osei Kumi committee said Nathaniel Jill Addo Junior and Simeon Yao Mede took advantage of their positions to enrich themselves.

According to the report sighted by, the two officers collaborated in a scheme to take money from some students before placing them on the SRC students’ welfare list.

“The Committee…established that the Chairman of the welfare Committee, Mr Simeon Yao Mede compromised his office and deviated from the ethics expected to be upheld by student officeholders because of his failure to act in good faith and honesty in his dealings with the first witness,” the report said.

“Finally, the Committee established that the SRC Vice President, Mr Jill Addo Junior had some knowledge of the acts carried out by Mr Simeon Yao Mede which was evident in the telephone call he placed to Miss Comfort Gawu and the pressure he brought to bear in order for the monies to be returned to the Welfare Committee Chairman. He was an abettor of the acts of the SRC Welfare Committee Chairman,” the report concluded.

Read summary of the findings of the committee below:

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