2 armed men, woman attack UPSA SRC President with machete at Achimota CP

2 armed men, woman attack UPSA SRC President with machete at Achimota CP

UPSA SRC President, Peter Mwin Zumah was attacked on Saturday at the Achimota CP Junction close to the forest

The President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra was attacked last night by an armed group, made up of two men and one woman.

UPSANEWSROOM.com has gathered President Peter Mwin Zumah was going to visit a relative at Roman Ridge in Accra when the near tragic incident happened.

Using a public transport which was heading towards Lapas, the SRC President disembarked at CP Junction near the Achimota Forest between 10:30pm to 11:00pm.

The place was dark and there was no car and human beings on the highway, UPSANEWSROOM.com’s sources have revealed. Minutes after he had alighted, a stoutly built man crossed the SRC President and held him by the neck. The man tried to drag him into the Achimota Forest.

In his statement to the Achimota Police on Saturday, Mr Mwin Zumah said although the man succeeded in dragging him unto the lips of the forest, he struggled with him to free himself.

Later another man who happened to be an accomplice came to join the colleague to drag the SRC President into the forest. But he continued the struggle with the men, although they made some gains in their attempt to pull him into the belly of the forest.

Intensifying his struggle with them, Mr Mwin Zumah said one of the men directed the second person to go for the machete from their base immediately. He narrated it was at this point that he mustered more strength to struggle with the other man and succeeded in freeing himself.

He then took to his heels.

“It felt as though my spirit had gone out of me,” the SRC President said terrified about the incident, adding he bolted to Abelenkpe to meet some people by the roadside who decided to help him after he had narrated his near death experience to them.

The SRC President noted whilst he was running, he heard a female voice calling to the two men to give him a chase. But he ran to safety.

“My phone fell inside the forest in the course of the struggle,” Mr Mwin Zumah said, adding the people he met at Abelenkpe helped him to contact his family members to come to his aid.

He was later driven to the Achimota Police station where he lodged a report after which a team of officers were dispatched to accompany him to the scene of the incident.

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