‘Man charged with disclosing patient’s virus status’

‘Man charged with disclosing patient’s virus status’

Coronavirus may never go away, WHO warns

A Zimbabwean man has appeared in a court in the capital, Harare, for allegedly disclosing the status of a Covid-19 patient on a WhatsApp group, state-owned newspaper The Herald reports.

Jimmy Mhlanga, who is a civil servant, appeared in court on Saturday but the newspaper only reported about it on Thursday.

He was charged with “disclosing information relating to one’s health status, treatment or stay in health establishment.” He is out on bail.

The prosecutor is reported to have told the court that the suspect revealed the status and identity of the patient, as well as the identity of the police officers who contacted her.

Members of the WhatsApp group have been listed as state witnesses, the newspaper reports.

The southern Africa nation has so far confirmed 37 coronavirus cases and four deaths.

Source: BBC

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