Confusion rocks UPSA SRC General Assembly, members contradict Speaker on #schoolfeesgate c’ttee

Confusion rocks UPSA SRC General Assembly, members contradict Speaker on #schoolfeesgate c’ttee

[L-R] Prince Courage Senyo Gavi and Amankwah Kwabena Emmanuel

The General Assembly of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra has been thrown into a state of confusion as members contradict the Speaker over a decision to investigate the #schoolfeesgate.

The Speaker, Prince Courage Senyo Gavi had issued a statement claiming the General Assembly will be setting up a committee to probe the embattled SRC Vice President, Nathaniel Jill Addo Junior and Deputy GA Speaker, Simeon Mede Yao for allegedly extorting monies from students.

[L-R] Sharon Dzifa Torsu and Oheneba Nana Osei Kumi (Chairman of #schoolfeesgate Committee)

But some General Assembly members who spoke to Thursday say no such decision has been taken by the organ of the student council.

Junior Common Room (JCR) President of Yaa Asantewaa Hall, Amankwah Kwabena Emmanuel, told in a telephone conversation no General Assembly member has sanctioned the action of the Speaker.

“I can boldly tell you that no General Assembly member was aware, the speaker took the decision on his own,” he said, adding the Assembly has not resolved to create a parallel committee to investigate the scandal.

[L-R] Nathaniel Jill Addo Junior and Simeon Mede

Mr Amankwah accused Prince Courage Gavi of breaching various provisions of the SRC Constitution since becoming the Speaker of the General Assembly.

“He is a constitutional breach on his own,” the JCR President said of the General Assembly Speaker.

Another General Assembly member who spoke on a condition of anonymity also said the speaker’s statement was illegal since it did not represent the decision of the members.

The two SRC officers are alleged to have demanded and taken various sums from students and placed them on the SRC welfare school fees list meant for needy but brilliant students. The SRC pays the school fees for some needy but brilliant students every semester.

Messrs Jill Addo and his friend Mede Yao are said to have placed some students who could pay their fees on the list and used the back door to extort monies from them, a victim has been reported as saying.

Already, an independent five-member committee set up by the SRC President, Peter Mwin Zumah has launched a vicious probe into the matter.

The Committee in a letter signed by the Chairman, Oheneba Nana Osei Kumi and copied has invited Messrs Jill Addo Junior and Mede Yao to testify before its members.

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