Activate your UPSA email address by Friday – Management to students

The University of Professional Studies, Accra has asked students to activate their school email addresses since it will come handy in the upcoming online examination.

A member of the team managing the school’s virtual platform, Dr Edwin Ayernor has said the email address will be the only license to verify submission of answer scripts on either the online platform or through the mail.

“The system will not accept any other email address,” he told Course Representatives during a meeting on videoconferencing platform, Zoom on Wednesday.

The University of Professional Studies, Accra is expected to start its online examination on Monday through to the end of July.

Students have been given 48 hours to submit their answer script through the virtual platform or through email when the use of the e-learning site proved challenging.

But the school is saying that without the UPSA mail, no student will be able to use the option of email when the submission through the virtual platform proved difficult.

“If you send [your answer script] through the platform it will send a mail to you [indicating submission has been successful],” Dr Ayernor said.

He was emphatic that “any other correspondence will be very easy if it is communicated through the system.”

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  1. Please I’m finding it difficult in activating the student’s mail on several attempts.Please I need your assistance. Thank you.

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