JAHLORM’S PEN: Leadership and morality must walk side by side

JAHLORM’S PEN: Leadership and morality must walk side by side

The author, Edward Narh Jahlorm is a former BaMSA PRESIDENT at UPSA

“Moral Authority comes from following universal and timeless principles like honesty, integrity, treating people with respect,” Stephen Covey writes.

My thoughts;

Many people struggle to become leaders or vie for various positions by communicating the thoughts and desires of their potential followers in Angelic voices (Sweet talks).

Listeners of these people are left with no option than to endorse them because their words are convincing.

After power is given to them, they become enemies to their own words by acting against the laws and the morals that should not be erased or ignored by anyone.

Their actions fight the truth, integrity and even their very own conscience.

The most disheartening part of this terrible thing is that the followers who have their dreams and hopes played with always sit on the fence and look on whilst their so-called leaders misbehave.

The failure of a leader and an administration can be attributed to the silence of the followers who should have served as watchdogs by demanding accountability.

In fact, they need to protest and speak out against the failings of their leaders.

We must speak, expose and eliminate leaders who have no conscience of their own from our society.

This is the first step to lifetime growth and societal development.

Leaders must allow power, integrity and morality to work together and the followers, likewise, must challenge the actions of leaders that contradict these three essential words.

About the author:

Edward Narh Jahlorm (aka Hommie Dis)


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