‘You can’t erase my legacy’ – Prof Ernest Aryeetey tells critics

‘You can’t erase my legacy’ – Prof Ernest Aryeetey tells critics

Professor Ernest Aryeetey says “what has happened has happened.”

A former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana says his legacy dotted in the school cannot be erased by anybody.

Professor Ernest Aryeetey says his achievements are there for everyone to see despite some vile attempts to paint him as corrupt and a bad administrator.

The former university administrator had raised the issue about attempts to destroy his legacy following media reports in 2018 that he had signed off a $64million agreement with a company called Africa Integra, without due diligence during his tenure.

A form deputy Health Minister, Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu had alleged Professor Aryeetey had connived with two others to register the University of Ghana Medical Center in his name.

His response at the time the claims were made was that: “there is a lot of effort being made to rewrite my legacy. There is a lot of effort going on in Ghana to say Ernest Aryeetey is not as great as you guys thought he was. A lot of effort is going into it, both at the University, the Ministry of Health and other places.”

Looking back two years after the controversy, Professor Aryeetey said although nothing has changed, his legacy cannot be erased.

“What has happened has happened,” he said during a discussion on an Accra-based TV station on Wednesday.

He added that: “if you tell people that this man did that, he did this they will believe you for a few weeks but when they don’t see any evidence they [will] realise they had been taken for a ride.”

Watch the interview below:

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