Minority shreds Akufo-Addo over ‘voodoo’ Covid-19 response

Minority shreds Akufo-Addo over ‘voodoo’ Covid-19 response

Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu

The Minority in Parliament says the measures taken by the government so far to tackle the vicious coronavirus show it lacks “foresight.”

The opposition lawmakers at a news briefing in Accra Thursday say the lack of foresight manifested in the failure of the government to prioritise the planning and preparations for the virus after it had been declared a global health emergency.

“They sat idly by – failing to provide the initial GHS35 million needed for our preparedness plan despite seeing the havoc it was wreaking all over the world – and made almost no provisions for the eventuality of an outbreak in Ghana, relying instead on false hopes around climate and genetics,” Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu said.

Ghana has so far recorded a total of 3,091 cases of infection with 303 patients recovering from the virus. The death toll stands at 18.

But the rising number of cases across the country was due to the poor handling of the pandemic by the government, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) lawmakers have said.

“Government put in place inadequate structures which did not aid us to enhance our surveillance and detect cases here more rapidly by expanding our testing capacity,” the opposition lawmakers said.

The NDC lawmakers say the government failed to recognize the “seriousness of the threat and left our borders open even at the time they refused to evacuate our students in Wuhan, and they left the borders open far beyond what was possibly reasonable under the circumstances, and even when nations all over the world were closing theirs.”

“Government failed to anticipate the devastating effects that a COVID-19 outbreak would have on our social life and our economy and was grossly unprepared to soften the blow for the most vulnerable people and households in our nation when a lockdown became necessary. The inept, partisan and disastrous manner Government distributed food relief only exacerbated the risk,” they added.

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