UPSA SRC Executives can stay in office until otherwise – Law student says

UPSA SRC Executives can stay in office until otherwise – Law student says

Third-year UPSA Law student, Nii Laryeafio Benedict

As the SRC Electoral Commission of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, has a sacred and legal duty to keep by ensuring it affords students the opportunity to elect their leaders unfailingly as ably provided in Article 18(2) of the SRC constitution, a proposal has been made for an election to be held in the second week of September.

The tenure of the current SRC ends in the month of July by which time it is expected to hand-over to a new administration.

But the election of new leaders within the specified time period was interrupted by the outrageous Covid-19 popularly known as coronavirus, the new normal forced upon the world and Ghana.

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Current UPSA SRC President, Peter Mwin Zumah

With no elections, a transition from one administration to another is near impossible.

The timeless question is what happens to the SRC from July to September when fresh elections would be organized?

Nii Laryeafio Benedict, a third-year law student at the UPSA, told Venessa Oduma Boamah that, “there is no express provision made in the SRC constitution that clearly states the actions to be taken in case of any emergency or if the tenure of the current SRC comes to an end, another force assumes office until the next election is held.”

However, Article 29(12) of the UPSA SRC Constitution gives residual powers to the Executive Council acting in consultation with the General Assembly to issue such directives to address any issue it may deem fit.

In light of this, “the Executive Council and the General Assembly have the power per the constitution to issue out directives as to what happens to this year’s elections or any matter at all”, Mr Nii Laryeafio said in an exclusive interview with the reporter on Tuesday.

Until such directives are given, Mr Laryeafio said the current SRC President, Peter Mwin Zumah and his team will continue to remain in office.

Source: Venessa Oduma Boamah,

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