Editorial: Ghana’s Covid-19 recovery figures worrying

Editorial: Ghana’s Covid-19 recovery figures worrying

UPSANEWSROOM.com Managing Editor, Oheneba Nana Osei Kumi

I am getting increasingly worried about our recovery figures.

Three days ago, I had a telephone conversation with one of my business partners in Johannesburg, South-Africa.

He indicated to me South Africa at the time had a total of 5300 cases, and recoveries were in the region of 2,500.

I said that was very encouraging at least compared to Ghana. Perhaps, we may want to know what they are doing differently.

I know South-Africa is far ahead of Ghana in healthcare, healthcare infrastructure, and healthcare delivery.

Howerver, I also know South-Africa has one of the world’s highest HIV infection rate in their population mix, it is also scientifically proven, that COVID-19 is very fatal and lethal among the aged and those with underlying health conditions.

This simply means there is the higher probability of high number of South-Africa’s COVID-19 patients being HIV positive, an underlying health condition, which should make their fight more difficult than Ghana.

It is therefore worrying and statistically bewildering to an extent, why the huge differential discrepancies exist between Ghana’s recovery rate and that of South-Africa.

Maybe we may have to re-look at our treatment regime and the whole strategy in this fight against COVID-19.


Managing Editor, UPSAnewsroom

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