LSU EC gives greenlight for online campaign despite uncertain election calendar

LSU EC gives greenlight for online campaign despite uncertain election calendar

LSU EC boss, James Aaporakuu is uncertain about the future of the election

The Electoral Commission of the Law Students’ Union (LSU) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra has given clearance to aspirants for the various positions to go ahead with their campaign activities online.

The directive comes at a time when students are home due to the shutdown of the school as a result of the threat posed by the coronavirus.

In an exclusive interview with’s Eugene Akpatsa Friday, the EC boss James Aaporakuu said the Commission has been in touch with the aspirants to discuss the future of the LSU election.

The LSU is one of the few associations in the school that successfully conducted their vetting before the closure.

The 2020 LSU election will not witness a keen competition as almost all the persons contesting for the various positions are going unopposed.

But it is uncertain when the election would come off considering the general situation in the country as a result of the Covid-19.

Mr Aaporakuu is not certain himself but he gave a clue pointing to a possible election in the First Semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

He said because of the manual nature of the LSU election the Commission will need to bring students together in order to cast their ballot but this will not be possible due to the ban on public gathering.

But Mr Aaporakuu has expressed confidence in the other members of the Commission who have a year ahead of them to be able to hold a credible poll come next semester.

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