Jahlorm’s Pen: Rethinking importance of education? Just go for it

Jahlorm’s Pen: Rethinking importance of education? Just go for it

The author, Edward Narh Jahlorm is a former BaMSA President of the University of Professional Studies, Accra

The wrongs in the Right?

Many people try to fight the power of education (university degree) with the argument that many wealthy people in the world today made it without any formal education (degree).

This is a fact that can never be erased.

My thoughts;

Education has also pushed a lot of people to the top and they have become household names in business, and the corporate world because they earned those degrees, masters, PHDs and many more that school could offer them.

The fact is, a degree/education/school proves that you can start and finish something. A university is a ground for shaping characters. It provides a life-long learning opportunity that moulds and directs one on the paths to choose in life.

Many earned degrees in one field and flourish in the other. That’s a fact too. The best start for any young person bubbling with ambitions is to get a little education. Its the most reliable stepping stone to greatness.

Do you know that earning a degree in say marketing can help you secure a multinational job?

By taking up this challenge combined with your efforts, you can rise through the ranks to become a big name in the global marketing industry.

Similarly, the diploma in Public Relations that you are reading today can help you become the biggest personality in the communication fraternity.

There is hope in entrepreneurship but it’s full of risks. It’s better to take those risks (entrepreneurship) on a solid footing (education).

Just think about it.

The author:

Edward Narh Jahlorm (AKA HOMMIE)


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