‘You’re not the mouthpiece of students’ – UPSA Dean of Students fires SRC Aspirants

‘You’re not the mouthpiece of students’ – UPSA Dean of Students fires SRC Aspirants

UPSA moves Second Semester exam online with each paper not exceeding 48 hrs

The Dean of Students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra has upbraided a group of students calling themselves SRC aspirants who have demanded the cancellation of the school’s online examination.

The school has announced an online examination for the Second Semester as a result of its inability to organise a sit-in examination due to the coronavirus situation in the country.

But in a scruffily written letter sighted by UPSANEWSROOM.com and dated April 14, 2020, the authors claimed students are not in their right frame of minds to partake in the examination due to the threat posed by the coronavirus.

“In as much as students are home and observing the COVID-19 precautionary measures and protocols, there is still fear and panic one way or the other due to daily increase in cases and this might not put students in the right state of mind to write exams,” the letter to the Dean of Students read.

Read the Dean of Students’ response to the letter below:

But in a sharp rebuttal, Mawuli K. Feglo said the university does not recognise a bunch of people known as aspirants.

“Your letter is anonymous in nature since management has no knowledge of any aspirants for SRC Executive positions for 2020/2021 academic year. Moreover, the authors of the letter have no names nor signed the letter,” the letter purportedly coming from the Dean of Students said.

The Dean of Students was forthright that the so-called aspirants are not the mouthpiece of students.

“SRC Executives are the mouthpiece of the students of the University and not SRC Aspirants for Executive positions,” he said, advising the faceless students to follow the laid-down rules of the school.

Read the letter from the so-called aspirants below:

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