Ghana’s coronavirus cases hit 834

Ghana’s coronavirus cases hit 834

Total number of confirmed cases hit 834

Ghana has recorded a total of 834 cases of coronavirus infection as at Saturday, April 18, 2020, the Ghana Health Service says.

“The Ghana Health Service is supervising the completion of a backlog of laboratory samples which have been picked for testing as part of the COVID-19 testing exercise,” the Service said.

“This is after some 57,000 samples have already been successfully tested as at April 15th 2020. In the first batch of this backlog, an additional 198 have been found to be positive. This will bring Ghana’s total case count to 834 at the moment. The general public is however advised that this does not represent new infections that are occurring. It represents results from tests of a backlog of samples,” the Ghana Health Service indicated.

Regional distribution of case-patients, Ghana, March - April 2020

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