Shiangar writes: Ghana after the RONA, a healed land

Shiangar writes: Ghana after the RONA, a healed land

the author, Shiangar M. Edzesim, is a law student at the University of Professional Studies, Accra

A revival is coming to a country that has in its facet of administration, lost its illustrious citizens, bedevilled with economic instability and social fragmentation.

We woke up to spontaneously fight a war uninvited, to wrestle an invisible enemy we never anticipated and a deadly disease that the second-sighted couldn’t foresee. The country woke up to no good news when a gradual lockdown was declared.

The dreams of both young and old, the anticipation of both the rich and poor had been shuttered. Would our land ever be healed after this pestilence that is death-defying to mankind?

Forget about the Rona, the watchwords are restoration, revival and healing. Our halted activities would revive, the moratorium placed on our movements would be lifted and hope would beckon us into what once was and still would be.

The President of the Republic H.E Nana AKuffo Addo made a laudable statement that we can revive the economy but we cannot revive the dead as paraphrased. This alone is enough to leave us with a particle of hope. The sectors of the economy spanning Agriculture, Education, Sanitation, Social life and Health, just to mention a few would see a massive improvement after the policies rolled out and the alleviation programs instituted are meticulously implemented in due course.

I was happy to hear Osei Kyei Bonsu (Majority leader of parliament) say that the economy can be restored in less than two years. The import of this is the outstanding macro and micro figures of our economy. Ghana is ranked 11th among 47 countries in the sub-Saharan Africa Region and its overall score is well above the regional average and slightly below the world average.

Statically, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is the total value of goods produced and services provided within the country is projected around $66 USD and expected to reach $70 USD by the end of this year, 2020. Let us also be reminded that the same calculation now involving foreign investments is pegged around $63.36 making our Gross National Product (GNP).

Not quite impressive as a sovereign land but all traces back to the kind of economic activities our people do and the habit of borrowing our leaders have toiled years to do without; notably the IMF brouhaha… My honest belief, prediction and analysis are that businesses would boom and our economy would see normalcy. As we wait impatiently to hear “Fellow Gheniens”… we have won the battle against COVID 19, from the president, know that that announcement would come with people finding their feet in businesses.

Let’s take a few possible illustrations here: People would troop into the saloon to have their hair trimmed or done, shops would be opened with people rushing for the stock, the aviation would experience excess clients over available flights since business appointments have been rescheduled, schools would resume with a continuation of academic work, churches would open, the game of football would bounce back again.

This will be revenue generation which would translate into taxes for the country. The illustration shows that all the actors in the supply chain and lateral production of goods and services would be revived. The hospitals that have now become apparently inaccessible would be worth treating minor and critical ailments. We shall have our weddings, outdoor events and social ceremonies again but this time in a grand style.

Don’t stay idle, learn a new skill, acquire new knowledge, discover your weaknesses and rise up with others to be outstanding when this is all over. I know people would come up with new business ideas and solutions to solve global issues. Contribute to this fight and your effort would be duly rewarded.

Our President has so far exhibited stellar leadership in dealing with this pandemic by creating credible social interventions to meet the dire demand of the citizenry. Bravo Your Excellency.

Stay safe, Adhere to the safety etiquettes, stay at home and ready yourselves for a new dawn of economic stability.


About the author:

Shiangar M. Edzesim
LLB Candidate, UPSA
The Bar Coach.

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