UPSA provides free access to virtual learning platform to students using Vodafone only

Some students are calling for the suspension of the UPSA virtual platform which they described as largely discriminatory

Students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra using Vodafone will not pay for accessing the school’s virtual learning platform, has gathered.

Visits to the virtual platform such as, and the school’s website will be free.

This was announced by the Director of Academic Affairs of the school after reaching an agreement with telco giant, Vodafone Ghana.

The virtual platform rolled out by the university has come with great difficulties for students have had to use their data to access PowerPoints and Assignments prepared by their lecturers.

The e-learning platform does not also admit students who have not registered for the Second Semester despite the piling of penalties for late registration.

But the university has asked its students to heave a sigh of relief after concluding the dataless agreement with Vodafone.

“The free data access applies to the sites above as well as the upload and download of materials directly on these sites. Kindly note that the free data access package does not extend to other websites,” a statement issued by the school read.

The university has served notice that visit to sites not listed in the agreement will come at a cost to the users.

“Therefore, links from any of the above-listed websites to other sites such as YouTube for the download of videos and/or other materials will attract data charges from Vodafone,” the statement continued.

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