UPSA SRC President Peter MwinZumah

Good day fellow professionals,

I hope we are all fine by the grace of the almighty God and also following the safety precautions the MOH and our internal outlines in order to prevent and limit the spread of the COVID-19.

It is my prayer that the good Lord will keep everyone and see us through this hard time as we face so many frustrations even as we continue our academic activities in our various homes.

Author, Esther Naa Borkor Borketey

I want to take few minutes of your time to remind all students especially those who are not aware that, the core mandate of the SRC is to be committed to ensuring the interest of all students are served without being compromised.

We saw them, We listened to them, We believed in them, and gave them the mandate to lead us. But what do we see today?

It clear without an iota of doubt that the executive council under the leadership of His excellency Peter MwinZumah is simply in bed with management, and have failed in serving the best interest of students.

I want to remind the executives that the constitution states in Article 2 Clause 1(a) that the SRC shall “seek[ing] the interest and welfare of the students in this University”

Taking my time to do some more deliberation, management has never on any day denied any student owing fees tuition and the opportunity to write IA. Why is it always the case of UPSA?

Are students not their utmost priority?

Now reason with me that, due to the global pandemic and the current situation of our country, the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) was tasked to ensure that all tertiary institutions roll out an e-learning platform to ensure the continuation of all academic activities. I will sincerely say a majority of our universities are having challenges with their e-learning platform which most SRCs, including UG and KNUST, are seriously fighting for revisions in the interest of students.

I am calling on all students to join my call on the SRC and Departmental executives to ensure that all students have access to the virtual learning platform to participate fully in all academic activities and also find a way to subsidize our cost by using funds meant for week celebrations.

I’ll end by pleading with the current SRC executives to please work as a team, seek the interest and welfare of all students and stop breaching the provisions of the constitution.

Thank you

Esther Naa Borkor Borketey
Business Administration (Level 300)

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