UG Psychologist beats the odds to educate taxi, trotro drivers about COVID-19

UG Psychologist beats the odds to educate taxi, trotro drivers about COVID-19

Dr Annabella Osei-Tutu believes the ordinary Ghanaian needs to know more about the COVID-19

As the coronavirus hot spots in Ghana grow, a Psychologist at the University of Ghana has teamed up with her colleagues to take coronavirus education to taxi and trotro drivers.

Dr Annabella Osei-Tutu and her colleagues are teaching the drivers about ways they can protect themselves from the disease.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with’s Vennessa Boamah Oduma, the psychologist said they settled on the drivers because they see them as a channel to influence the lives of others.

The senior lecturer explained they had a programme already running with the drivers but when the President directed the closure of all private and public universities they made the decision to convert it into a COVID-19 public education.

“When the directive came for the university to close [down] we had to put an end to the programme so we decided to use the opportunity to discuss the pandemic with them,” she told the reporter.

Ghana has so far recorded about 136 cases of coronavirus infection since the first two cases were reported last two weeks.

Asked if she is not scared of contracting the disease, Dr Osei-Tutu said she is concerned as much as other Ghanaians are.

“I am concerned…but I am taking the [suggestion] of social distancing and personal hygiene [seriously],” she said.

Despite the challenges posed by the virus, the ordinary Ghanaian needs to know about the virus, she said.

“Right now, the responsibility is on everyone, it’s not only about me, [but] it’s also about the greater good and so any channel to provide accurate education on the pandemic I think is a good course,” Dr Annabella Osei-Tutu added.

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