Ghana’s economy ‘too fragile’ for total lockdown – PNC Treasurer

Ghana’s economy ‘too fragile’ for total lockdown – PNC Treasurer

PNC National Treasurer, Akane Adams urges against total lockdown of Ghana

The People’s National Congress Treasurer says Ghana’s economy will suffer if the government orders a “total lockdown” due to the growing cases of the coronavirus.

In a statement Wednesday, Akane Adams said although the decision may appear expedient at the moment, the government needs to consider the dangers it will pose to the economy.

There have been growing calls both at home and abroad for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to declare a state of emergency and impose a total lockdown across the country.

Ghana has recorded a total of 68 cases of coronavirus infection, with two deaths since the first two cases were reported last two weeks.

Two major cities, Accra and Kumasi have been identified as the epicentres of the disease in the country.

As cases of COVID-19 surges around the world past over 400,000, more nations, including United Kingdom and India have ordered countrywide lockdowns.

But such a stay-at-home order will crumple the Ghanaian economy, the PNC National Treasurer has said.

“A total lockdown will mean that, every sector of the economy other than essential service providers will be in total shutdown from operations,” he said.

Mr Adams said an order of this nature requires a sober reflection and until the government has done that it should not kowtow to the demands of a section of Ghanaians.

“There are many critical questions and concerns arising from the call for a total lockdown in Ghana due to the pandemic,” he said, adding, the capacity of the economy in the face of such as decision should be assessed. The PNC Treasurer would rather advocate a “more flexible working hours and working shifts [to be] introduced at both formal and informal sector in order to allow [for] a balanced [system].”

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