Over 1,000 students sign petition against ‘discriminatory’ UPSA e-learning platform

Over 1,000 students sign petition against ‘discriminatory’ UPSA e-learning platform

The petitioners want the suspension of the UPSA virtual platform which they described as largely discriminatory

At least over 1,000 students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra have signed an online petition opposed to the school’s e-learning platform.

The petitioners are seeking the suspension of the virtual platform which they have described as largely discriminatory.

The virtual platform can only be accessed by students who have registered for the Second Semester to the exclusion of those who are yet to register.

The university rolled out the e-learning platform following the shutdown of all private and public schools by the President due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Ghana.

UPSA rolled out its virtual platform hours after the school was shut down by the president

The platform features past questions, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations and assignments.

But the non-registered students who would be paying penalties in addition to the school fees will not have access to the platform, the university has explained.

The petitioners want to focus the attention of Ghanaians on the discriminatory and unfair treatment being meted out to poor students by the school.

UPSA Vice-Chancellor Professor Abednego-Feehi-Okoe-Amartey

“The school’s management moved onto an E-Learning without giving access to students who have not yet made full payment of their fees but will surely do that in the long run,” the petitioners wrote.

“Among the students who pay their fees for the effective running of the University, we have students who depend on the Students Loan Trust Fund to pay part of their fees, those who have to wait for money from relatives abroad to pay their fees (Most of those countries have also been infected by this deadly virus, COVID-19) and some have to go to the extent of doing informal works in order to put together money for their fees,” the petitioners explained.

The petitioners are calling on the university management to suspend the virtual platform with immediate effect.

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