Coronavirus: Ursula Owusu’s husband in self-isolation after UK trip

Coronavirus: Ursula Owusu’s husband in self-isolation after UK trip

Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu

The husband of the Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekufu is in self-isolation after he returned from the UK two days ago.

“We leave his food at the door. If we want to talk to him, we stand at a safe distance away and talk to him, we wave him, he’s okay,” the Minister disclosed Thursday.

“It is necessary if we want the COVID-19 pandemic to end. He can’t chat with the kids or sit in the living room you can’t sit in our living room. It is like a self-imposed house arrest,” she continued.

Ghana records a total of 11 cases of coronavirus infection

Self-isolation and social distancing have been described as two of the ways the world can stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Ghana has recorded 11 cases of coronavirus infection since last Thursday when the first two cases were reported.

The government has said all the cases were imported from Turkey, Norway, Germany, France, United States of America, United Kingdom (UK) and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

When her husband returned from the UK, one of the high-risk countries, Ursula Owusu said the family suggested self-isolation to him.

Although it is difficult, she said: “he is fine, and he understands why he has to do that and it took some getting used to initially.”

The Minister is urging Ghanaians to protect themselves and their families.

“Protect your family, your community by going into self-isolation. If within a reasonable period of time you are not showing symptoms you can go out there and just be normal,” she said.

“But right now like the President said, ‘these are not ordinary times’ that is why we need to take these drastic measures to protect ourselves.”

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