UPSA GA speaker took ¢1,000 ‘kickback’ for passing ¢40,000 NUGS week budget – Memo reveals

UPSA GA speaker took ¢1,000 ‘kickback’ for passing ¢40,000 NUGS week budget – Memo reveals

Embattled Speaker of UPSA SRC General Assembly, Rt. Honourable Prince Courage Gavi

Embattled Speaker of the UPSA SRC General Assembly, Prince Courage Gavi, “demanded” and took the sum of GH¢1,000 representing a kickback for passing the NUGS week celebration budget, a memo issued by the External Affairs president has revealed.

In the exclusive memo copied personally by the External Affairs President, Albert Anum, the speaker and four others enjoyed a hefty kickback for passing the NUGS week budget worth GH¢40,000.

The revelation comes at a time the embattled Prince Courage Gavi risks being removed as the SRC GA speaker following a petition filed by a group of students.

The alleged receipt of monies from some officials of the SRC for passing their respective budgets is one of the claims cited for his removal.

In a WhatsApp chat with Editor of dated February 16, 2020, Mr Anum was emphatic Prince Courage Gavi “demanded” for the money after the budget was passed.

“Help me to understand, are they those who benefited from the money? Or what?”’s editor asked after he received a copy of the memo.

The President of the UPSA SRC External Affairs replied: “The speaker of General Assembly…he helped the budget to go through…so he demanded it.”

“Big blow,” Mr Anum wrote, adding: “seeking for equity with dirty hands.”

When contacted the speaker, he denied ever taking any money from the External Affairs President.

“I don’t receive [an] allowance from the external affairs secretariat and he may probably be doing this because he is under a commission so he feels to indict me,” Prince Courage Gavi wrote.

But Mr Anum has repeated this claim before several individuals, forcefully claiming the speaker took the money for getting the budget passed. has been contacted by some petitioners and has agreed to release any documentation in its possession to get to the bottom of the matter.

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  1. This how it starts, they learn it from the various universities then they GRADUATE finding their way into public service to steal our money. They MUST BE DEALT WITH PERIOD.

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