UPSA students condemn ‘suspension’ of SRC president, attack General Assembly

UPSA students condemn ‘suspension’ of SRC president, attack General Assembly

UPSA SRC President Peter Zuma

A majority of students at the University of Professional Studies, Accra have roundly condemned the suspension of the SRC President over his failure to appear before the General Assembly.


In an interview with Tuesday, some of the students said the action of the General Assembly was clearly in breach of the SRC Constitution and the 1992 Constitution.

“You can’t wake up and say I have suspended the president for not appearing before the General Assembly,” a student who spoke to said.

“If the General Assembly members, including the Speaker, think they can do whatever they like to change the will of the people, they better rethink their decision,” he continued.

On her part, Esi Korantengma, a level 300 student, wants the General Assembly to do the right thing by revoking its suspension decision.

“What they did is clearly wrong and the Speaker should own up to the failings of his own House,” she said.

Peter MwinZumah was suspended by the SRC General Assembly on Monday after he failed to show up at a meeting to respond to some questions about the alleged misuse of student funds.

The suspended SRC president was cited alongside some other officers of the student council for various financial infractions in an audit report released early this February 2020.

In the said Independent Audit Report, Mr MwinZumah was said to have spent a whopping GH¢25,000 on project work training seminar for final year students in the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

He is also on record to have spent over GH¢28,677 on the purchase of stationery materials and office equipment last year.

He was summoned to appear before the General Assembly at an emergency meeting held on February 24, 2020, but he absented himself.

Following a motion moved to suspend Mr MwinZumah over his evasive attitude and disrespect towards the General Assembly, it was ably seconded by Nathaniel Addo Jill Junior, the SRC Vice-president, leading to the decision to suspend him.

But a majority of students who spoke to are against the decision.

Samuel Annan said the action of the General Assembly had a political undertone which he believes many students are unaware of.

“This thing has to do with the NPP versus NDC and it is one of the subtitles that is collapsing the students’ movement in Ghana,” he said.

Another student identified as Elle-Stella Gnagne, told’s Andoh Papa Nyan that she was not in support of the decision. She believes the SRC president is being made to take the fall for the rest of the other executives.

But the decision has been supported by some students who believe the President was duty-bound to appear before the General Assembly to respond to questions concerning the use of students’ funds.

A female student who identified herself as Rosemary Jebele wants students to support the action of the General Assembly.

“From the beginning, I knew this guy was coming to spend our money…so he should be suspended,” she told’s Audrey Ofosuapea.

A level 100 student by name Shelia Laryea was also in full support of the suspension. ‘He was given a responsibility’, she said, ‘he has gone against what he swore to do so the suspension is right’.

One thought on “UPSA students condemn ‘suspension’ of SRC president, attack General Assembly

  1. I am not in support at all,there might be several reasons why he didn’t appear at the meeting and so he needed to be confronted be4 any action could have been made.We are humans and we all make mistakes.

    My question to the house,Is the vice President saying He didn’t know what the money is used for?

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