Peter Zumah fights back, challenges illegal suspension at High Chamber

Peter Zumah fights back, challenges illegal suspension at High Chamber

UPSA SRC President Peter Zumah

The SRC President of the University of Professional Studies, Accra has filed a petition challenging his purported suspension by the General Assembly.

Peter MwinZumah in a petition copied Tuesday, has described the action by the SRC General Assembly as “vexatious, ill-conceived, unconstitutional and of no legal effect.”


The SRC President was suspended by the General Assembly on Monday after he failed to show up at a meeting to respond to some questions about alleged misuse of student funds.


The suspended SRC president has been cited alongside some other officers of the student council, including the External Affairs President, Albert Anum, for various financial infractions in an audit report released early this February, 2020.

He was summoned to appear before the General Assembly at an emergency meeting held on February 24, 2020, but he could not attend. He has explained to he had an urgent duty to attend to and communicated same to the Clerk of the Assembly.

But following a motion moved to suspend Mr MwinZumah over what has been characterised as his evasive attitude and seconded by Nathaniel Addo Jill Junior, the SRC Vice-president, the SRC president was suspended.

A majority of students who spoke to have roundly condemned the action by the General Assembly and have the leader to correct what they had described as “illegality.”

But Mr MwinZumah is fighting back.

“With significant regard to the SRC Constitution, specifically in Article 3(a-b), 4(i) and 25(3-4), it is our contention that the decision by the General Assembly is both in want of jurisdiction and in excess of jurisdiction,” paragraph four of the petition addressed to the Chairman of the High Chamber read.

“Further, the1992 Republican Constitution upon which the UPSA SRC Constitution derives its authority has vested the ultimate power into the Constitution and in Article 1(2) and 2(1-4), any person resident both in and outside the country has the power to bring an action to forestall the perpetuation of any illegality against the Constitution and challenge an illegality carried out in clear violation of the spirit and letter of the law. This petition is in the light of the latter,” the letter continued.

Mr MwinZumah is seeking an immediate quashing of the “unconstitutional” action of the General Assembly as well as a perpetual injunction on the Assembly, its members, Speaker Rt Hon. Prince Courage Gavi and the deputy speaker, from taking any further decision until the matter is heard and determined.

3 thoughts on “Peter Zumah fights back, challenges illegal suspension at High Chamber

  1. The GA, with all due respect, your decision was rushed . This is because his excellency Zumah seeked for permission first before missing out on the meeting thus this was indeed an illegal suspension.
    The Vice President Jill, seems to be against the President. If the president is absent the vice is supposed to stand in for him. But in this case Nathaniel rather turned against his president and seconded the GA’s motion seeking to suspend His excellency Zumah.

    1. Guess you were on the right course by stating the vice needed to stand in for the president…, but would you mind me asking you questions you have no idea of or to rake responsibility for a friend’s action you know nothing about simply because you are close to him/her ?

      Please no vice would deny his counterpart if things are in the right course and if both end up been discredited tarnished negatively of their leadership what credit they bolll or the entire executive gain for that.
      I think if he has given him some words, he’d do his best to cover him up.

  2. The SRC President Must bow in shame with his malfeasance act.
    The constitution of which you were given a mandate requires you to be accountable to GA and the student populace. He should be asking how many times the state of SRC UPSA has been read. There are matters of interest and concerns and the highest decision making body has all the reserved powers to call your respectable officers for accounts.
    I think, It’s time for all of us to be student activist. Lets follow pertinent issues in other to ensure a formidable student front, It’s a shame his Excellency Peter Zumah does not know the highest decision making body has all the rights to suspend him. We are not missing focus on this issue, it would be best for you to make your appeal rather than misleading the student populace that the GA has got no powers.
    TEINS, I am looking forward to hear your side of the mere assertion made by his Execllency. I was at the first sitting, you could not even defend your expenditure with receipts and proper records, reason you were asked by GA to refund misappropriated funds. Here you are misleading the student populace you have rendered accounts. We are not interested in your rendering of account however much interested in providing proper evidence Mr. President. Don’t forget the counting is on….your time is limited to refund those monies.

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