‘We are ready for 2020 departmental, SRC elections’ – UPSA SRC Electoral Commissioner

‘We are ready for 2020 departmental, SRC elections’ – UPSA SRC Electoral Commissioner

SRC Electoral Commissioner, Mr Appoh Papulius

Mr Appoh Papulius, the UPSA SRC Electoral Commissioner, has hinted at the readiness of the Commission to conduct this year’s Departmental and student council elections on campus.

In an interview with UPSANEWSROOM.com’s Venessa Oduma Boamah Tuesday, the SRC EC boss said the election timetable has been drawn up and the budget for the election has been duly approved by the General Assembly.

Listen to the EC boss, Mr Papulius’s interview below:

“Our budget has been approved and the Commission is fully prepared,” Mr Papulius said.

The Electoral Commission per the working constitution of the student council is responsible for the conduct of the SRC and departmental elections, opinion polls and referenda as well as bye-elections.

Although no date has been fixed in the constitution for the conduct of departmental elections, the “third Friday in April” has been set aside for the SRC election except under some circumstances which must be determined by the General Assembly.

But the EC boss has noted the departmental elections will be held on April 3, 2020, with poll starting at 8 am to 6 pm unfailingly.

“The SRC election will take place on April 17, 2020, starting at 8 am until 9 pm,” Mr Papulius told UPSANEWSROOM.com.

Paperless and anti-electoral poster campaign

Asked about the EC’s paperless and anti-electoral poster campaign launched this year, the EC boss said the general “neatness and orderliness” on campus are attributable to the project.

“The campaign is yielding results,” Mr Papulius said, citing some places on campus which were hitherto hosts of electoral posters among others.

The Paperless Campaign by the Electoral Commission aims at preventing the destruction of school properties both on campus and at the hostels through the use of candidate electoral posters.

In place of the electoral posters, the EC is advocating banners which will be placed at some designated vantage points on campus.

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