UPSA Women’s Commission fingered in explosive Audit report

UPSA Women’s Commission fingered in explosive Audit report

UPSA Women’s Commissioner, Appiah Beverly Benewaa

The Women’s Commission of the University of Professional Studies, Accra has been cited for various infractions relating to the management of funds.

Findings of a probe conducted into the financial statement of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) have revealed amounts stated on documents provided by the Commission do not tally with those recorded in the financial statement.

Page 3 of the Independent Auditor’s Report

Also, the Auditors said there are no “source documents for some expenditure related transaction” undertaken by the Commission.

This, the report says has made it “difficult to obtain evidence about the authenticity of the expenditure.”

Also, “10% of the total remittance from the SRC for the Entrepreneurship Summit cannot be accounted for.”

The revelations were contained in an Independent Auditor’s Report presented to the SRC General Assembly last Thursday.

The report revealed mind-boggling questionable transactions undertaken by the various officers of the student council.

The issue the Auditors had with the Women’s Commission led by Beverly Appiah Benewaa was the lack of coherence with regards to the figures provided in its financial report as well as other supporting documents.

The Auditors noted: “There is a lack of source documents for revenue-related transactions making it difficult to trace how revenue was generated.”

As a result of this, the report says “It can therefore not be proved whether or not the revenue generated from the Entrepreneurship Summit was the actual amount.”

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