UPSA Auditors expose how GA breached SRC Constitution in approving ‘deficit budget,’ others

UPSA Auditors expose how GA breached SRC Constitution in approving ‘deficit budget,’ others

Speaker of UPSA SRC General Assembly, Rt. Honourable Prince Courage Gavi

The General Assembly of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Professional Studies, Accra is being accused of a blatant breach of the Constitution.

An Independent Auditor’s Report on the SRC financial statement submitted on Thursday has revealed how the GA approved a “deficit budget” for the executives in clear contravention of the Constitution.

“According to Article 26 clause 2, 3 and 9, the leadership of the SRC does not have the power to raise any loan facility. It is therefore not clear the reason why the general assembly approved a deficit budget,” the report sighted by read.

A copy of the Auditor’s report submitted on February 13, 2020

The SRC Constitution in Article 26, clause 2 states that: “The Executive Council shall have no power to enter into an agreement for raising loans from the University’s Administration and any other source.”

When it comes to the GA, the same Article in clause 3 states that: “The General Assembly shall have no power to approve any proposed loan agreement between the SRC and any establishment(s).”

But the GA chaired by Speaker Rt. Honourable Prince Courage Gavi went ahead to approve a “deficit budget” for the SRC in clear violation of the governing Constitution.

The Independent Auditor’s Report has questioned the reason that informed an assembly mandated to protect the students’ purse to engage in such illegality.

“As per the capital structure of every entity, activities are either financed by equity or debt instruments and therefore a deficit budget can only be financed by debt which is against the provisions of the constitution of the SRC,” the report said.

The eight-page report also noted that the General Assembly “did not make references to the master budget before certain individual activity budgets were approved hence some amounts approved did not agree to the figures in the master budget.”

“For instance, the total amount allocated to the external affairs secretariat on the master budget for the year was GHC 45, 000 but GHC 91,000 has been approved by the end of the first semester alone,” the report said.

These findings by the Independent Auditor’s report have exposed the work of GA and its members when it comes to the protection of the interest of students.

The SRC Constitution, however, in Article 4 has elaborately outlined the processes to follow by any student when a breach has occurred or is about to occur. will keenly follow this issue and share the latest development with its readers.

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