Valentine’s Day at UPSA, students share some ideas to mark the day

Valentine’s Day at UPSA, students share some ideas to mark the day

There is nothing boring about Valentine’s Day at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day today – a day also marked across Ghana as Chocolate Day, has gathered some ideas about how you can make the best out of it.

In an interview conducted by Boamah Venessa Oduma (Level 200, BSc Accounting) and Bennita Amoah for Friday, some students of UPSA have shared revolutionary ideas that may interest you.

A day with and for special loved ones?

A level 300 student of the Banking and Finance Department says the day has been set aside for loved ones.

“I intend celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special to show her how much I really appreciate and cherish her,” Dennis said.


Awoenam, a level 200 Accounting students said she will surprise her boyfriend on this day. “I will surprise him with breakfast in bed along with other gifts and give him a never-ending moment of his lifetime,” she added.

On her part, Gloria, a diploma Accounting student, believes the day should not be wasted on anything that is not special.

“Valentine is a day of showing love to your loved ones,” she said, adding that although she does not have anywhere going she would be spending the with her course mates as her way of showing that she really loves and cares about them.

Time to be alone?

Valentine’s Day is not a time to be a loner but Christiana, a level 400 student says she will have no one to mark the day with.

“Unfortunately I have no one to celebrate Val’s day with and so I intend carrying on with my normal daily routine,” she said.

Awoenam (left) and Godwin (right)

However, Christiana is hopeful and praying for someone – a stranger – to spring a surprise on her.

Similarly, Derrick, a level 200 Accounting student said he is not a “typical Valentine person” and does not intend spending it with anyone.


Notwithstanding, he said he will not forget what the day represents and will reach out to others through text messages among others.

Time to draw closer to God?

But it is also a day to draw closer to God in a most unique way, Godwin, a level 400 Business Administration student of the school said.

He said he will be attending a program by PENSA UPSA at the Mount Zion Temple dubbed “Let’s talk about sex” where he will share the unique day with friends and loved ones.

There is going to be a salsa dance, some music and cocktail to crown the day at the programme, he told

Love not one-day event?

But love should not be limited to only Valentine’s Day, some students interviewed by said.

“Even though 14th February has been set aside to celebrate love, I think it should not end there. Love should be experienced on every other normal day,” a student said.

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