Harmattan will intensify, keep safe – Ghana Meteo cautions

Harmattan will intensify, keep safe – Ghana Meteo cautions

Ghana Meteorological Agency cautions Ghanaians to keep to safety standards

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) is cautioning the public to keep to safety standards as the harmattan intensifies in the coming days.

Acting Head of the Central Analysis and Forecast Office of GMet, Felicity Ahafianyo, said the harmattan season will continue for the next few weeks before giving way to the hot and dry conditions.

“What we are experiencing now is a normal occurrence for the season,” she told an Accra-based radio station.

“In our weekly forecast we issued on Monday, we indicated that there will be intensification [of the harmattan] from the midweek into the weekend and this is what we are experiencing,” she added.

The harmattan expected to give way to hot and dry conditions has intensified creating visibility challenges for flights and motorists.

UPSANEWSROOM.com has gathered a number of international flights heading to the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, have been diverted to the Kotoka International Airport due to poor visibility believed to have been caused by the harmattan.

Director of Air Traffic Services at the Kotoka International Airport, Edward Baah, has revealed since February 11, 2020, a number of Lagos-bound flights have returned to Kotoka due to the weather condition.

But the harmattan will fade out soon, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has said.

“For now, it will be with us up to about 15th February and then we’ll have the relaxation, but for the morning hours, it is possible we will have some misty and foggy conditions especially over Axim, Takoradi, Half-Assin, that is the South Western coast of Ghana,” Felicity Ahafianyo has said.

She added: “Currently, this I think is the fourth outburst we are having for the 2019/2020 harmattan season for Ghana. For this current outburst we are experiencing, we anticipate that by the close of the week, it will relax a bit in some areas and totally around next week.”

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