Life is too short so forgive me – Funny Face writes his ex-wife

Comedian, Funny Face and his ex-wife Nana Adwoa during their engagement in 2014

Comedian, Funny Face, has penned an emotional message to his ex-wife in which he has asked for her forgiveness for some of the things he said against her in the heat of their divorce.

He cited the brevity nature of life as the main reason why he needed her forgiveness for some of the vile comments he made about her.

“Let’s live peacefully on this earth for the world we see today is passing so quickly,” he wrote.

Funny Face letter to ex wife

He has also forgiven her for some of the unprintable things she said about him, he noted.

“For some years now…I have harboured so much hatred and anger towards you…you have the least idea,” he said, but he has forgiven her.

Funny Face and his ex-wife Nana Adwoa engaged in a shouting match in the media following their divorce.

But the comedian has asked his ex-wife to forgive him because he has done same.

“I forgive you for everything that you said about me,” he added.

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