De-boardinising 7 Ejisuman SHS girls over video archaic – group condemns GES

The 7 Ejisuman SHS girls were expelled following the release of a video on social media

The Africa Education Watch has decried the deboardinisation of seven girls at the Ejisuman senior high school over a video that went viral on social media.

Describing the sanction as “arbitrary [and] archaic,” the group said it will rather expose the students to “further delinquency and harm.”

“It is important to sanction students when they breach the rules of conduct in school as a way of instilling discipline and deterring others the GES must note that most of these decisions must be arbitrary, archaic and contradictory,” the statement signed by AEW Executive Director, Kofi Asare.

The Ghana Education Service announced the expulsion of seven girls from the boarding house of Ejisuman Senior High School in Kumasi following the release of a video in which they made some unprintable comments.

The dismissal took place from February 6, the statement said.

Even though it has condemned the action of the girls, the Africa Education Watch said the action does not commensurate with the punishment.

“Punishing the girls by sacking them from boarding school only to place them in hostels without any parental or school control will expose them to further delinquency and harm,” the group said.

Africa Edu Watch

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