Heat made us blow ¢66K student cash – UG SRC explains

Heat made us blow ¢66K student cash – UG SRC explains

UG SRC President, Isaac Agyemang

The Student Representative Council of the University of Ghana says it was forced to spend some unapproved money from the student coffers because of the “heat” of last semester.

The sum of GH¢ 365,452 was earmarked by the General Assembly for administration and activities of the student council for the first semester of 2019.

But by the end of the semester, the SRC had spent a total of GH¢ 431,590, representing an excess spending of GH¢ 66,138 which had not been approved.

Asked to explain the discrepancies, SRC President, Isaac Agyemang and Treasurer, Philomena Sarbah Andam, explained to members of the General Assembly that the emergency nature of some of the activities held last semester occasioned unnecessary spending.

 The “heat in prepar[ing] for some SRC programs” accounted for the excess spending, the executives had explained at the first GA meeting of the semester on Friday.

Incensed by the action, the GA has tasked the Audit Board to probe the matter and lay bare happenings to all students, UPSANEWSROOM.com has gathered.

Per Article 62 clause b (I, II & III) of the SRC Constitution, the Audit Board has the powers to do the following:

“…disallow any item of expenditure which is contrary to the provisions of this Constitution or a resolution of the General Assembly and surcharge

I. The amount of any expenditure disallowed upon the person responsible for incurring or authorizing the expenditure or

II. Any sum which has not been duly brought into account, upon the person by whom the sum ought to have been brought into account; or

III. The amount of any loss or deficiency, upon any person by whose negligence or misconduct the loss or deficiency has been incurred.”

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