4 easy steps to do your second-semester course registration at UPSA

4 easy steps to do your second-semester course registration at UPSA

The entrance of the University of Professional Studies, Accra

Course registration at the University of Professional Studies, Accra has proven a bit difficult for some students.

As a result, UPSANEWSROOM.com has put together four easy steps to guide students in their course registration.

Step 1:

Payment of Fees All Students are required to pay the appropriate Facility User Fees at Access Bank. Ensure that you quote correctly your Student Identification Number on all the pay-in-slips.

Log on to https://www.interpayafrica.com/upsa/student or follow the link on upsa.edu.gh to disburse the payment.

Step 2:

Online Course Registration Proceed to do the on-line course registration. Access the on-line registration portal by logging on to http://upsasip.com/student. Print out two (2) copies of Proof of Registration Slip upon successful completion of the on-line registration. All Level 400 students are advised to contact their respective departments for the pairing of elective courses before doing the registration

Step 3:

On-line Resit Registration (optional) Once you are done with the course registration, you could now pay and disburse for your resit registration provided you have any second-semester paper you wish to resit. Each credit hour of a re-sit paper (course) registered attracts a fee of GH¢20.00) e.g. BCPC212: Business Ethics is a 3 credit hour paper and therefore attracts a re-sit registration fee of Sixty Ghana Cedis (GH¢60.00). Return to your USIS Student’s portal to do your resit registration and generate the proof of registration. Please skip this step if you do not have any paper to resit.

Step 4:

Submission and Endorsement of Proof of Registration Slips Submit the Proof of Registration Slips to your Department Officer for endorsement after which one (1) copy of the slip will be given back to you. Weekend Students are, nonetheless, requested to carry out the same process at the Weekend School Secretariat. Step 3 completes the process of registration.


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