Leaked video: ‘Romantic Kan Dapaah’ shows off new pyjamas to ‘girlfriend’

Leaked video: ‘Romantic Kan Dapaah’ shows off new pyjamas to ‘girlfriend’

The face of the man in the leaked video

A man who appears to be the National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah is seen in a leaked video showing off newly bought pyjamas to a lady.

In the leaked WhatsApp video call, the lady at the other end whose face did not show is heard encouraging him to ‘twist and turn’ for her to see the make of the pyjamas.

“I wanna see your pyjamas, I want to see the front, the back, like the way you did it yesterday with the seat,” the lady is heard saying.

After he had turned as instructed, the lady said: “You have good taste, yeah, yeah.”

The leaked video has sparked a debate on social media, with a section of the public claiming the person in the video is Mr Dapaah.

“Considering his status as the National Security Minister of Ghana, Mr Dapaah needs to be conscious that in the era of cyberspace and social media, there is no room for such conversations on devices that are likely to be recorded,” someone said on Twitter.

Watch the leaked video below:

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