GFA shreds GBC over ‘incompetent’ media rights bid misinformation

GFA shreds GBC over ‘incompetent’ media rights bid misinformation

GFA punches holes in GBC’s statement over GPL media rights

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) says it is shocked by the content of a statement by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) describing its bid for media rights of the Ghana Premier League as superior.

In a sharp rebuttal, the football body said the statement by the GBC was replete with “deliberate misinformation.”

The GBC had claimed in its statement that it presented the best package that is financially sound and logistically beneficial to the GFA and the public.


“The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation put in a bid which we are certain was superior to what the StarTimes is said to have submitted. As published on the GFA website, StarTimes offered to pay UDS 5,250,000 which comes up to USD 1,050,000 annually whilst GBC made a financial offer of USD 1,100,000 annually,” the statement said.

But the GFA has dismissed the claim, saying the GBC presented a total of four bids that did not meet its expectation.

“It must be stated unequivocally that evaluation of bids is not only about the financials but includes all conditions, such as those GBC stated in their proposal, such as the 30% share GBC wanted on all Title Sponsorships.

Of utmost importance is the fact that the net value of the bid of GBC was actually lower than the amount quoted in the bid because of the proposed revenue share of Title Sponsorship (eg. should we activate that clause on the MTN FA Cup Title Sponsorship amount).

It must be stated clearly that even if only financials alone were considered, the 4th bid of GBC (which was out of time) was not the bid with the highest financial consideration. Two other proposals were higher than the GBC bids but other conditions (due diligence) affected those bids.

The GFA, having gone out of its way to make the highlights show non-exclusive for the benefit of all television stations, does not deserve the deliberate misinformation issued by GBC,” the football body said.

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