UPSA campus politics to receive boost with inauguration of Young Leaders’ Corp

Logo of the Young Leaders’ Corp (YLC)

Campus politics at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, will receive a big push following the inauguration of Young Leaders’ Corp.

The Corp made up of some past and present student leaders of the school will nurture and impact lifelong skills in students interested in taking up leadership positions on campus and beyond.

The Young Leaders’ Corp (YLC) would be launched in the school in February 2020.

In a statement Monday, YLC co-founder and Deputy General Assembly (GA) Speaker, Simeon Mede said the group is targeted at bridging the yawning gap between campus and national politics.

We are aiming at “making positive changes [and] taking up basic responsibilities on our campus and within our communities,” he said.

The Young Leaders’ Corp is currently made up of student leaders from the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), various departments, clubs, and faculties.

There are also representatives from the various associations, denominations, and political groupings on campus.

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