Maker’s House Chapel pastor rips NPP, NDC, others over ‘short-sighted’ political agenda

Maker’s House Chapel pastor rips NPP, NDC, others over ‘short-sighted’ political agenda

Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye

The General Overseer of The Maker’s House Chapel International has taken a dead aim at Ghanaian political parties, describing their political agenda as “short-sighted.”

Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye said the absence of a clear sense of national purpose has created a fertile ground for political parties to implement self-serving short term projects.


“There is no purpose for our being [and as a result] a government comes into office and all that they are concerned about is that ‘what are we going to do within four years [and] not what is going to become of the nation in 20 years to come,” the CEO of The Maker’s House Chapel told his congregation last Sunday.

Ghana has toyed with the idea of a national development plan after Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s famous Seven-Year Development Plan was truncated with his overthrow. The Plan was to span 1963 to 1970 but he was ousted in February 1966 by the National Liberation Council (NLC).

The closest the country has ever come to fashioning out a national plan after Nkrumah’s Plan was the drafting of the Vision 2020 document in 1995 under ex-president Jerry John Rawlings.

Also, ex-president John Mahama launched a 40-year National Development Plan from 2018-2057 but this was abandoned by the current government.

But a nation without a purpose is a lost nation, Dr Boadi Nyamekye told his congregation.

“If you are not solving the problem [then] you are part of the problem. If you cannot help this generation to come out of the problems and all that you are busily chasing after, is power, motorcades, and sirens, [then] you are a shame to the generation!” 

He added: “The reason why we have a lot of problems in our nation and we are running manifesto boutiques is because the nation in itself lacks purpose. So anybody that comes into the office is running an agenda of satisfying a short-sighted, short-termism of an agenda that does not satisfy a generation that is to come.”

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